In the Spring 2017 semester I am teaching Math 3377 (Linear Algebra). Check the TRACS website for more info.


In the Fall 2016 semester I taught two sections of Math 2472.

At the University of Texas:

  • In Spring 2016 I taught M 343K (Intro to algebraic structures).
  • In Fall 2015 I taught M 408K (Differential calculus) and M 343K (Intro to algebraic structures).
  • In Spring 2015 I taught M 340L (Matrices and matrix calculations).
  • In Fall 2014 I taught M408K (Differential calculus) and M427L (vector calculus).

Algebraic combinatorics reading seminar

Suho Oh and I are running a reading seminar at Texas State. The topic for Spring 2017 is Tropical Geometry. Please get in touch if you’re interested in participating!

Topological combinatorics

A few years ago Alex Engstrom and I ran a seminar on topological combinatorics at UC Berkeley.  The Fall 2010 schedule is here, the Spring 2011 schedule is here.